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How do credit card numbers get stolen?

Just how are credit card numbers stolen even when a card is tucked safely away in your wallet? Check out these 5 eye-opening places where a card number could be stolenyou might be giving your information away to the wrong people without even knowing it. 1. At the pump youre fueling up for . . . ..........Read full article

Bill Gates explains why he's not leaving his fortune to his chil

You'd expect the children of the world's second-richest man to have the means to do whatever they want, right? Hit the books in college and get a degree, and then another degree, and another. Go on a year-long whirl around the world. Play, explore, try new things, run through that trust fund. . . . ..........Read full article

Mom's powerful message after 12-year-old daughter dies from flu

On the way to the hospital, Pegy Lowery tried to keep her 12-year-old daughter, Piper, talking. She knew Piper was sick with the flu, but she had no idea how serious it was until her daughter collapsed into her arms in the parking lot of Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital in Tacoma, Washington. . . . ..........Read full article

A love Newport 100s cigarettes to gluten-free people

Everyone has something to say about the gluten free diet. Its a fad. Its good for you. Its bad for you. Its expensive. It might make you lose weight, possibly gain it, and its guaranteed to make you annoying. But heres the one thing that really matters: now that everyone and . . . ..........Read full article

Trump booed Marlboro cigarettes as he rips into Clinton at Catho

Well, that was awkward. If youve ever squirmed through a mean-spirited Marlboro cigarettes, ill-advised wedding toast delivered by somebodys inappropriate drunk uncle, then youll have some sense of the Marlboro cigarettes feeling in the room at New Yorks Waldorf-Astoria hotel Thursday . . . ..........Read full article

Married Newport 100s cigarettes at First Sight

One husband worries Newport 100s cigarettes his marriage might be over Nick seems to be making more of an effort Newport 100s cigarettes to show his wife that their marriage is still important to him, and the two have repaired the friendship part of their relationship, adorably riding a two . . . ..........Read full article

Heres What Happened During Brad Pitts Second Visit with Hi

Brad Pitt is trying to heal with his family. Days after seeing his children for the first time since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, the actor is continuing his therapy with his kids per the temporary custody agreement with his estranged wife. According to InTouch, Pitt recently had his second . . . ..........Read full article

A lot of things he should apologize for: Clinton basks in

A visibly energized Hillary Clinton roused supporters at a Monday rally in Detroit, her first campaign event since Sunday nights presidential debate against Donald Trump. The differences between me and my opponent are pretty clear, the Democratic presidential nominee said to a roar of . . . ..........Read full article

Why Donald Trump should double down on crazy at tonight's debate

Presidential debates almost never turn on policy, but on drama created by the characters. In the first presidential debate in 2012, Mitt Romney scored major points merely by being energetic, prosecutorial, and sharp, where President Obama appeared disinterested, even bored. By the second debate, . . . ..........Read full article

Do Cheaters Ever Change? How the Past Affected Brad and Angelina

In happier days, as far as we know. As the whole world seemingly knows now, after 12 years together, and just two years of marriage, Angelina Jolie shockingly filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Reports about the cause are conflicting, with some sources claiming a difference in parenting styles, . . . ..........Read full article

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